The objectives of the Security Association of South Africa (SASA) are as follows:

  • To regulate relations between members and their employees and to protect, further and promote the interests of members in relation to their employees.To promote the interests of members.
  • To encourage and assist with the settlement of disputes between members and their employees or Trade Unions by Conciliation, Mediation or Arbitration.
  • To promote compliance in respect of all legal requirements within the association and the private security industry as a whole.
  • To promote, support or oppose or suggest amendments, additions or deletions as deemed expedient or reasonable to any proposed legislative or regulatory measures.
  • To provide assistance to members in matters affecting the relationship between members and their employees or Trade Unions.
  • To co-operate and affiliate with and participate in the affairs of any South African or international employers’ association or the International Labour Organisation.
  • To promote and use every legitimate means to encourage and induce security service providers to become members of the association.
  • To establish, promote and encourage the science and professional practice of security and all operations and matters connected therewith.
  • To promote and make more effective security measures, to improve the status of members, and to provide for the exchange of knowledge, information and experience.
  • To foster and encourage ethical and professional standards of work and conduct of members.
  • To carry out any survey or study, hold conferences, forums, training courses and seminars, and to arrange for the presentation of lectures and the reading of papers on matters of interest to members.

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