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The Security Association of South Africa
Registered as an employer's organisation in terms of the Labour Relations Act, reference LR 2/6/3/831 A world class professional body delivering exceptional
value through the excellence of its members.


The South African Security Association (SASA) was formed in 1964. During this time, the security industry was growing and a considerable amount of fragmentation was taking place, creating awareness and a need for a common voice.
The association was formed as a representative for all security aspects in South Africa, an advocate for industry and a custodian of professional business practices. SASA ensures industry representatives and businesses are professional institutions who are compliant and abide by the laws that govern the industry.
In today’s tough economic times, many corporations tend to seek the cheapest option to secure their premises, stock and intellectual property. Unfortunately, this practice brings about the influx of fly-by night security companies who do not comply with industry standards, employing unqualified personnel, paying low wages and charging low service rates.
SASA believes in and supports the pursuit of business to improve the material well-being of the whole society through:
  • The provision of security goods and services.
  • The creation of opportunities for men and women to use their unique skills for their own development and that of society.
The achievement of these goals is honourable and deserves recognition and reward.

All organizations have a choice whether or not to use ethical means to achieve these honourable goals. In this regard, SASA believes organisational practice should be measured by moral standards comparable to those applied to individual behaviour.

The stake holders of our association have an ethical duty to increase their enterprises productivity, while protecting the physical, intellectual, material end emotional well being of their clients, each other and members of the public.

SASA believes the essence of this ethical duty involves:
  • Providing value for customers/employers
  • Communicating internally and externally with integrity
  • Maximizing contributions to the enterprise with due reward
  • Eradicating dishonest commercial and professional conduct