Candidate Membership Criteria

Candidate Membership is only applicable to “start-up” security service providers who have been in business for less than two years and are registered with PSIRA, SARS and COID. Such membership is only valid for one year.

Guidance and assistance will be provided to such members in registration with all other required bodies.

Training, at a small fee, will be available regarding Sectoral Determination 6 (which governs the remuneration and conditions of employment in the private security industry) as well as other related matters.

Once an Ordinary member can provide proof of registration with all other statutory bodies they will automatically be promoted to Ordinary Members, at no additional fee for that year. Once proof can be provided of total compliance (as for Gold Members) by providing all the valid compliance documentation pertaining to a Gold Member, such documentation must be submitted to the SASA Administrator for verification, whereupon the member will be automatically promoted to Gold Membership status, upon payment of the pro rata annual fee difference.

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